About us

About us

We are London’s Premier Mobile Personal Training Company. Owner Mark Brazier has put together an exceptional team of Trainers from all corners of the Capital, whose main goal is to deliver to all our clients, defined results in an agreed timeframe.

We come to you, whether it be your home, local park or office, bringing all equipment necessary, and when training indoors, only require a floor space the size of a mat to work on. We cover all London Boroughs and offer some of the most competitive prices in the Capital.

Our Trainers

The Personal Trainers at Londontrainer.co.uk have been specifically selected for good reason. Firstly, our mix of male and female Trainers are all recognised within the fitness industry as top level professionals. They enjoy Level 3 status with REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals), so you can rest assured they are highly qualified and fully insured. But not only this, they share a mindset that fitness can be delivered anywhere, anytime, in a friendly but driven way. We thrive not only to be there for you during your training sessions, but to offer support and advice outside of these times, when you may need us most. We believe this client support requires a certain type of personality from a Trainer, a trait, we as a Company, look for when recruiting.

Common goals of our clients

Body fat reduction - This is achieved through two things: Exercise and Nutrition. Our Trainers focus on both these areas. With the right balance of cardiovascular and resistance work, along with the correct eating habits, we will significantly reduce your body fat levels.

Muscle Toning / Body shaping - This encompasses much of the above, focusing on the right intensity of resistance work as its core. Our training is always as functional as possible, working multiple muscle groups within many of the exercises given.

Cardiovascular fitness / health - This is all about training the heart and lungs to work more efficiently thus increasing your fitness and health. Cardiovascular fitness can be carried out in many ways, ranging from walking, jogging, cycling or rowing to skipping and boxing. A heart rate monitor is supplied to give accurate readings and results.

Muscle growth / strength / power / endurance - This is primarily achieved through resistance work and the right nutritional advice. Each one of the above requires different programming and approach.

Core stability, balance, flexibility, body correction & rehabilitation ’It is pointless having big strong sails on a boat if the mast is weak’. This is also true of the human body. The spine is our mast and we must strengthen the muscles around it if we are to successfully adapt the larger muscle groups of the body. Fundamentally, this is what is known as ‘core stability’. Such training is a great preventative, and aid, for common back pain, as is flexibility in certain areas of the body. Body correction and rehabilitation involves stretching the parts of the body that are tight and strengthening the parts that are weak or recovering from trauma.

Whether your goal is to simply lose a few pounds and tone up, to training for a Marathon, to keeping fit during pregnancy or regaining your shape afterwards, our expert Trainers have helped clients achieve it all, and are ready to help you.

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We come to you - whether it be your home, local park, or spare space at the office, bringing all equipment necessary and only require a floor space the size of a mat to work on

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