Body fat reduction and muscle toning

Felicity was in her late fifties and had previously been a member of a gym for many years but had never achieved the results she had originally joined for.

Her goals were to reduce her body fat levels and tone and shape her body, to simply look and feel better and fit into her clothes again. She explained that she had gradually increased in size over the years, although she had not altered her eating habits or activity levels.

I explained that weight gain is common place into our middle ages as our muscle mass and metabolic rate begin to decrease from around the age of 30, thus increasing the tendency to store more body fat. What was missing from her gym workouts were resistance training and sound nutritional advice. I recommended that we undertook 2 Personal Training sessions a week to concentrate on her resistance work and also set her cardiovascular work to complete each week, along with a food diary.

Having talked through nutritional programming and given her ideas for various menus to try, along with the progressive resistance training, Felicity noticed a difference in her body within 4 weeks.

Felicity said: “I had heard of through a friend, and decided I had nothing to lose by having a free consultation. My gym workouts were not working and I wanted to know why. Mark was a breath of fresh air, he explained in detail why I was not getting my desired results and what I needed to do to achieve them. We agreed to start with 2 sessions a week and review my eating habits. I was surprised how much I didn’t know about eating healthily for weight loss. I was a bit dubious when doing my first resistance workouts but soon began to enjoy them, especially when seeing and feeling the positive results. I have decided to keep on training in order to maintain the shape I have achieved and stay healthy in my later years”.

Felicity achieved her initial goals of reducing her body fat levels, toning and shaping her muscles and losing inches around the waist and hips. She has kept up her training ever since to maintain her preferred body shape and improved bone density.



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