Functional muscular strength & endurance

James was in his twenties and in the process of applying for the Fire Service.

Knowing that he had to meet certain physical requirements and demonstrate these through a series of tests, he realised he would need more muscular strength and endurance if he was to pass them.

He trained with Mark twice a week for three months leading up to the tests, working on functional movements that were directly linked to tasks undertaken by Firefighters, and altered his diet to assist more muscle growth.

James got progressively stronger and his muscular endurance improved dramatically over the twelve weeks. He passed the tests with flying colours.

James said : “The training was precise and progressive, allowing me to peak for the tests. Mark did a great job over the three months and I would recommend him and his team of Personal Trainers to anyone, whatever their goals. It wasn’t just the physical training, but the nutritional advice and programming that went with it, that really helped make a difference.”

James is now a London Firefighter. He trains himself at the station regularly to keep himself up to the physical requirements of the job and still has the occasional Personal Training session with the team to gleam new ideas and training methods, along with the latest nutritional advice.



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