Lower back pain prevention

Melanie was in her thirties and had suffered from lower back pain periodically for some time.

She had seen numerous physios whenever the pain started, but had never actually taken any preventative measures to stop it happening in the first place.

Her physio recommended that she take up more exercise, to firstly reduce her body fat levels and take some of the load off the lumber spine, and secondly to strengthen up her core muscles that wrap around and stabilise the region.

Melanie was determined to rectify the problem, having suffered for some years, and it also gave her an added reason to lose some of the extra weight she’d been carrying around her waist and hips. We started with three sessions a week and began by gaining an improved stability around the spine, utilising a swiss ball for many of the exercises. Once we had achieved a base strength and understanding of the abdominal and lower back region, we worked hard on a cardiovascular and resistance program, along with making changes in Melanies diet.

Results could soon be seen. Melanies waist and hip measurements were reducing, her core was getting notably stronger and there had been no reoccurrence of the lower back problem. We reduced the number of Personal Training sessions to two a week, and set Melanie some abdominal and back exercises to complete at home twice a week in addition.

Melanie said : “What a difference the sessions have made. My initial goal was to help prevent the lower back pain I was getting; not only have I achieved that, I have lost 12lbs, reduced the size of my waist and hips, and feel energised and positive again. I can’t recommend Londontrainer.co.uk highly enough.”



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